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6 R’s

We have a mantra here at Panda STIX HQ that really defines who we are, and what we do. We try to put the environment at the heart of everything we do and by reducing waste, recycling and refusing as much single use plastic as we can, we hope we can make a real difference to the planet. It may be as simple as reusing a cardboard packing box, or replacing our sticky tape for a biodegradable option, we are always rethinking how we can make small changes that will have a greater impact on all of us in the future. This mantra contains 6 simple words, which we call our 6 R’s:


Here at Panda STIX we are genuinely passionate regarding the damage that is being caused to our environment. We are committed to helping people along their journey to obtain a more zero waste lifestyle, together we can save the planet one piece of plastic at a time.

We have seen firsthand how plastic and pollution is harming our world and we are determined that our products can contribute to making our wonderful planet a better place.


Projections indicate that by 2050, the ration of fish to plastics could be 1:1


1/2 of all plastic produced is single use


Plastic straws are the 11th most found rubbish in the ocean


1/2 of all plastic produced is single use


Plastic straws are the 11th most found rubbish in the ocean


It takes 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose


8.8 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year in the UK


8.8 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year in the UK

The Panda STIX Range has been designed to help you obtain a more zero waste lifestyle

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and has impressive strength qualities. It is a versatile, beautiful and truly sustainable raw material which can be transformed into stylish, useful products.

Our high quality bamboo straws are made from the culm or stem of the bamboo.  Bamboo grows naturally and without harmful fertilisers or pesticides.  No chemicals or dyes are used in the process of making the straws. They are handcrafted and as every stalk differ in colour and thickness each straw will be unique in its appearance. Our bamboo straws have an extremely long life but can finally be added to your garden compost to complete its lifecycle. 

Hundreds of thousands of plastic ear buds are flushed away each week, despite water companies pleas not to do so.
Bamboo cotton buds are a sustainable alternative. They are compostable and 100 per cent biodegradable.

Bamboo is a natural organic water efficient crop that is 30 per cent more effective at absorbing carbon than trees.
Cotton is most often used as an end covering for ear buds because of its absorbant properties.

Every year billions of coconuts are harvested for their oil, water and flesh. The coconut shells are discarded as waste. Some are sent to landfills causing harm to the environment.  Some shells are burned and this significantly contributes to CO2 and methane emissions.

We are averse to waste and are proud to say that these shells are re-claimed and cleaned and then made into beautiful coconut shell bowls that you can eat from.

Our products are 100% organic and eco-friendly. Every coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, size, pattern and colour.

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