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Who are Panda STIX?

We are a company based in London, United Kingdom with a passion for creating environmentally friendly products. Panda STIX’s mission is to eliminate single use plastic from our lifestyle – but of course we want to do this in a fun and stylish way! 

How do your products reduce the need for single use plastic?

Our products are made from 100% natural materials and are completely biodegradable, being highly sustainable our products will help our environment by cutting down on waste and the need for single use plastic products.

What is Panda STIX's core values?

Being environmentally friendly is so close to all our hearts here at Panda STIX. Our ethos is simple and can be defined in what we call our ‘our mantra’ this way of thinking contains 6 simple words:


We explain this in more detail here

Delivery times
We work closely with our couriers in order to offer you the best delivery experience. It can take up to 5 working days for you to receive your order.
Do you offer shipping worldwide?

Absolutely! We use Royal Mail international tracking services to dispatch all our European and beyond orders, right here from London, UK. For worldwide delivery pricing simply follow the checkout process, where you will see how much it costs to deliver to your country.

How is my personal information protected?

Looking after the personal information you share with us is very important, and we want you to be confident that your personal data is kept safely and securely and we only use it to offer you a better and more personalised shopping experience. We will NEVER share or sell your details with any other organisations.

Further details can be found in our privacy policy.

I'm having trouble using or accessing your website

Sorry your experiencing a technical glitch! Drop us an email and we can assist you further, we also appreciate feedback on anything that’s not quite working how it should be – so we can get our technical wizards on the case!

What's the returns policy?

Need to return an unwanted item?

We understand, sometimes something just doesn’t work for you and you want your money back. No drama, as long as an item is still in its original condition, we accept returns. 

If you need to return an item we’ll give you a refund by way of the original payment method. 

All products have a one year warranty which covers workmanship defects. None of these rules affect your statutory rights. 

Drop us an email and we can assist you further. 

I would like free delivery, how does this work?

Who doesn’t like free shipping? For all our UK shoppers we are pleased to offer complimentary plastic free shipping to the UK on all orders over £8, our orders are sent by Royal Mail 48 postal services.

The boozy panda cocktail recipe

Pour the following over ice in a tall glass:

50ml – Pineapple Juice

50ml – Cranberry Juice

100ml – Ginger Ale

50ml – Vodka

Mix well, add a slice of orange, drink through your bamboo Panda STIX straw, enjoy!

I have just ordered my bamboo straws, but wanted to ask, how are they made?

The bamboo is grown organically, trimmed and hand cut into the straw size – we use the entire bamboo stalk meaning there is absolutely no waste. They are then washed with water and left in the sun to dry. Finally, the Panda STIX are polished and engraved before being packaged into 100% plastic free packaging. I hope you enjoy your new straws!

Do the Panda STIX bamboo straws need to be replaced at some point? How long can they be used for?

Panda STIX bamboo straws should last for many years when properly cared for, after their lifespan they are fully compostable and bio-degradable.

What's the best way to clean my Panda STIX straws?

The best way to clean the straws is by using one of the cleaning brush provided with warm soapy water. You can also pop them in the dishwasher which works great too.

Are any chemicals or pesticides used in the manufacturing process?

No, absolutely zero chemicals or pesticides are used while making any Panda STIX product. We only use a natural manufacturing process and all of our bamboo is 100% vegan and organic.

Are the Panda STIX coconut bowls the right size to use as breakfast bowls?

Every bowl is uniquely made by nature so varies slightly in size and colour. The diameter is around 13 cm, and they are the perfect size for breakfast smoothies, buddha bowls & nice cream.

What size are the spoons that come with the coconut bowls?

The spoons measure 16 cm and are the perfect size to eat from your new Panda STIX coconut bowls.

Can the Panda STIX coconut bowls be used for hot soup and hot foods?

Absolutely! Let your creative side loose with both hot and cold foods. But remember to hand wash the coconut bowls and spoons in warm water as they are not dishwasher safe.

Is both the bamboo and cotton used to make the cotton buds both natural and organic?

Absolutely! The cotton and the bamboo used in our eco-friendly buds are 100% certified organic. These natural plants are harvested without any chemical pesticides or fertilisers. 

How will your products support the future of the planet?

Our products are made from 100% natural materials and are completely biodegradable, being highly sustainable the Panda STIX range will help our environment by cutting down on waste! Our aim is to help people live a more zero waste lifestyle and to help tackle plastic pollution.

How do I dispose of my old Panda STIX product?

Our range and and their entire packaging is completely bio-degradable. Panda STIX products such as our straws and bowls will last for many years, but once they have finished their lifecycle simply dispose on a compost pile, and they will naturally give back to the earth unlike those nasty plastic alternatives. 

Is the bamboo you use sustainably grown?

You can be assured of the quality and sustainability of all the materials we use, including bamboo. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our sustainability guidelines are in place and adhered to. 

Is your bamboo farm harming the the pandas?

Being environmentally friendly is so close to our hearts, therefore we have ensured that all of our products are sourced in a sustainable manner. Bamboo grows extremely fast and can even grow up to 1 meter in a day, this makes it the perfect sustainable resource for our straws.

Our bamboo is grown in panda-free zones and as such does not endanger their natural habitat. Rest assured no animals are harmed in the making of our products.

Do you offer wholesale prices on your bamboo straws?

We are pleased to offer a wholesale bulk buying discount, you can find some more information all about this here.

I am interested in stocking the Panda STIX range in my store, is this something you offer?

Sure thing! We would love to hear from you, simply drop us an email and we will get back to you with some further information.

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