For over 30 years, Loretta has been connecting with people through smiles, positivity, and delicious food. Her cooking style captures Caribbean flavors, with hints of Guyanese influences and more. 

Some call it fusion; others simply see it as thinking outside-the-box.

Loretta’s creativity has always played a very central role in her meals. She knows that good food should not only provide comfort and taste. The most memorable meals are the ones filled with colors and love. This is the reason why you will find plenty of both in Loretta’s Kitchen. Some people say that good food evokes powerful emotions. After all, being fed and being taken care of is one of our earliest ancestral memories, even if we can’t remember it! It’s in our DNA to feel the comfort of food, especially when it is rooted in tradition, and family.

For some people, food is only a necessity, something they “have to do” to survive every day. For others, eating and preparing meals is not a chore, but pure joy! Loretta is a perfect example of this mentality, as she set out to spread her knowledge and passion with the audience. Her legacy is surviving through the passionate work of her daughter, Ranette, who is just as committed when it comes to bringing a memorable dining experience to London foodies and beyond. It isn’t only about capturing the passion, but also about sharing it with the world.

In order to achieve that, Ranette started a cooking blog, fondly named after her mother’s kitchen. One of the most amazing things about this blog is the huge variety of the content you will find on it. Much like Loretta’s kaleidoscopic kitchen, you won’t find a single style of cooking scrolling through these posts.

Whether you have a hankering for a delicious Mac & Cheese or some fresh summer dishes, this blog’s got you covered. The recipes are all very exciting, but they’re also written in such a way that you don’t have to be experienced to enjoy and understand them.

In addition to sharing some amazing recipes, the blog also talks about other topics, such as discussing news and updates on all-things Loretta’s Kitchen, as well as the food community as a whole.

Coconut bowls bringing dishes to life.

Loretta’s Kitchen is a keen user of Panda Stix products, in particular, our bespoke coconut bowls. These natural bowls aren’t just flexible and direct, but they also provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance the presentation of many mouthwatering dishes.

creamy vegetable Laksa by Loretta, in a coconut bowl by Panda Stix
Creamy Vegetable Laksa

From stir-fries to Acai bowls, fruit platters, and even broths, the possibilities are endless. We’re excited to see so many stunning pictures, featuring some of the best recipes from Loretta’s Kitchen actually using our bowls for presentation. 

If you are looking for a blog that will give you a daily fix of good food and amazing recipes to share with your friends and family, you’ve found the one. Loretta’s Kitchen updates new content fairly regularly, so be sure to check it out!

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