Bamboo Cotton Buds – 200 Pack



With no plastic in sight, help protect our oceans, make the eco choice of using wooden cotton buds for a cleaner planet.



Our cotton buds are not only great for the environment, but by being a sturdy bamboo stick it so easy to apply or remove makeup, and gently clean and dry baby’s toes or fingers.

Naturally made from 100% pure cotton & organic bamboo.

Fully compostable means they help our environment by cutting down on landfill and ocean waste!

As part of our ongoing commitment to reforestation for every pack sold, we will donate a proportion to our partners One Tree Planted to plant trees in Africa, Asia, North America & Latin America.

Every Set Includes

  • 200 Pure Cotton Buds
  • 100% Recycled Kraft Box

Fully Compostable:

Panda STIX cotton buds are designed by nature and completely compostable.


Safety Warning:

NEVER INSERT A PANDA STIX COTTON BUD INTO THE INNER EAR OR NOSE. Also, keep out of children’s reach. Improper use can cause serious injury.