There are many ways to lead a waste-free lifestyle and embrace eco-friendly practices! It’s becoming more popular to be environmentally conscious in our everyday life, so it’s easy to kickstart a waste-free life. The best part is that there are many ways for you to become waste-free without compromising on style! Continue reading to discover great ways to reduce your footprint and inspire others to do the same.

Bamboo Straws 

As the no-plastic movement has started to take over there are many alternative straw options that are popping up. Our favorite is bamboo straws. Not only are they sustainable and re-usable they also have a summery aesthetic so you can sip your ice coffee, cocktails, or fresh juice in style! Bamboo straws last for a long time and are biodegradable so they also give back to the earth at the end of their lives.

bamboo straws in a pile
Reusable bamboo drinking straws – just one of the ways to lead a more zero waste lifestyle.

Avocado Seed Cutlery  

Avocados are a healthy source of vitamins and minerals and are also delicious on your morning toast. Is it possible to love avocados even more? Now, the seeds are being re-used for disposable cutlery. These avocado knives, forks, and spoons biodegrade in just 240 days. Unlike plastic, that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Next time you are hosting a large-scale event, invest a little extra to get cutlery made from re-purposed produce like avocado. They won’t hang around and harm the earth and waterways after they have been used! 

Second-Hand Clothing

Purchasing second-hand clothing not only helps you to limit waste but also save money! If you donate your clothing to a charity store you limit waste and give your pre-loved clothes a second life. Most second-hand stores also donate proceeds to help people who are in need. You can also donate furniture, books, records, décor, and kitchenware! 

Coconut Bowls 

We know how much you love coconut water and oil, but what about the rest of it? Shells are traditionally discarded as a waste product when harvesting coconut meat, milk, water, and oil. Purchasing a coconut bowl is a great way to give a coconut shell a second life! These bowls are lightweight and the natural grain of each bowl is utterly unique. This is a great bowl to use for brunch with your friends, they are a great conversation starter and they are visually striking. They are perfect for acai bowls and salads, what more do you need! 

coconut shell bowls
Coconut Shell Bowls – made from real coconuts otherwise discarded as waste.

New Ways To Recycle

Recycling used plastic, paper, and cardboard is the oldest trick in the book. However, there are many new ways to take advantage of recycling. Today, there are so many items that are packaged with recyclable materials. Some products are even made with recyclable materials, such as cutlery, bags, wallets, and even clothing. Recyclable products can sometimes be more expensive than more wasteful other options. Yet, it’s worth it to prevent waste and support companies that are making positive steps towards a waste-free world. 

Compost And Feed The Earth

If you have any outdoor space, it’s time to start that garden you’ve always dreamed about! A hobby garden is a great way to grow your own organic and fresh produce and skip wasteful grocery store practices. A garden is also a good excuse to start a compost system, this way you can re-use vegetable and fruit leftovers and coffee grinds to enrich the soil. Plus, you will get some pretty tasty fruit and vegetables out of it! What’s not to love? 

This is just some of the ways to start your journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle, there are lots more tips around. Keep in mind that it’s a process and it can be difficult to eliminate waste all at once, but it’s the small changes in everyday life that can make a big difference.

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